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Driven by a strong passion for making people nostalgic by recording, preserving and helping them re-live their moments in future, I am an avid photographer, videographer, and a reliable source of Deejay entertainment services for all types of events. This fiery passion started at a tender age, and was evident from my predilection for meeting people, changing and elevating their moods and giving them happiness, something that gave me joy and satisfaction. This way, I found myself producing Christian Hip Hop and R&B music , a talent I adore up to date but later shifted my focus to photography and videography.

Today, I offer a wide range of services through my brand Vero Mixed Media and Vero Photo Booths. These include photography for weddings parties and brands. I offer portraits, photo booths, videography, and other services, all at friendly prices. After suffering a coma for two months, changing jobs 12 times in 2 years, and getting kicked out of college, I decided it was time to change my story, and that is how my journey into what I loved most (photography) commenced. I believe in offering quality services to reflect truth and God in all my undertakings, as I am a living testimony of His unending grace.

Currently, I live in Connecticut with my lovely wife and two children. Whenever I am not absorbed in the fast-paced work life of offering people music, videography, or photography, you will often find me around my family creating moments, especially with my children.